Sarah Schumann

"Sarah Schumann in conversation with Bettina Böttinger", 2019 produced by VAN HAM ArtEstate


The well-known television host conducted a final interview with the painter Sarah Schumann on March 10, 2019 in the artist's apartment in Berlin-Charlottenburg. The background to the conversation is the œuvre of the German post-war artist, which revolves around the themes of women, landscapes and places of memory. In addition, the Bettina Böttinger and Sarah Schumann are connected by Schumann's partner, the essayist Silvia Bovenschen (1946 - 2017).

Sarah Schumann reflects on her early art works, the feminist movement of the 1970s and the legendary exhibition "Female Artists International 1877-1977", for which she was responsible as co-organizer and curator.

Lone Thau - Sarah Schumann "From Darkness to Light", 2015


In interviews with Sarah Schumann, Lone Thau documents the development of the 2015 cycle “From Darkness to Light”.

Michaela Melián - Silvia Bovenschen and Sarah Schumann, 2012


For an exhibition on the subject of feminism, curated by Anke Hoffmann at Shedhalle in Zurich, the interdisciplinary artist and musician Michaela Melián (*1956) developed a 3-channel and audio installation in 2012, with Silvia Bovenschen and Sarah Schumann as the protagonists. Several interviews resulted in an audiovisual recapitulation of the exhibition “Female Artists International 1877-1977”, which Bovenschen and Schumann were involved. In addition to discussing the exhibition, the main focus was on the lack of reception and historical perception of “Female Artists International 1877-1977” and Schumann's own artistic work.

Harun Farocki – An Image by Sarah Schumann, 1978


From December 1975 to March 1976, the documentary filmmaker Harun Farocki accompanied the process of creating a work ("Iris") by the artist. In 1978, the film was broadcast under the title " An Image by Sarah Schumann" on the WDR in the TV series Art Stories. The film documentation focuses not on the painter, but the work and exemplifies Farocki's interest in the artistic creative process.

Helke Sander


Helke Sander (*1937) is considered as one of the most important feminist directors and filmmakers in Germany. Sander collaborated with Sarah Schumann several times in the 1970s on a variety of projects. In Sander’s movie "A bonus for Irene" from 1971, Sarah Schumann played the role of a factory worker. In 1972, Sander and Schumann directed the 40-minute film "Does the Pill liberate Women?". This cooperation continued a year later with the film "Men society" for WDR, which dealt with the topic of football on television. Furthermore, Helke Sander founded the journal "Women and Film " in 1974, for which Sarah Schumann designed numerous covers.

Renate Sami


In 2000, Renate Sami accompanied Sarah Schumann in her work as a painter in »Sarah Schumann paints a picture«.